Michael & Son SportsPlex at Dulles
Youth Soccer League hosted at Dulles SportsPlex
Winter 2 – January 21, 2022 – March 12, 2023
  • $795 per team, 95 per individual
  • Saturday and Sunday Games
  • Ages 7 – 18
  • 6 guaranteed games includes post-season play

Travel and Recreation Divisions will be created based upon team registration.  Please indicate your level when you sign up.

Boys                                                                               Girls
2014/2013 Boys                                                    2014/2013 Girls
2012/2011 Boys                                                    2012/2011 Girls
2010/2009 Boys                                                  2010/2009 Girls
2008/2007 Boys                                                  2008/2007 Girls
2007- 2004 Boys                                                 2007 – 2004  Girls

For any questions please contact text us at (703) 430-9966.

New Membership Waiver

We have converted to a membership only facility. Click the button below to sign up for you or your childs membership.

Inclusive Youth Soccer Programs For All Children

Our extensive range of youth soccer programs offers something for everyone. Our leagues start at U7 age and go through all the way to the U18 category. Moreover, we boast leagues for boys and girls throughout Sterling, Falls Church, Reston, and Ashburn, Va as well as Leesburg, VA.

In addition to our little kids’ soccer and teen soccer leagues, we offer toddler soccer programs. All programs are age-appropriate with the youngsters at toddler soccer learning the basic of shooting, passing, and dribbling while also developing the key motor and communication skills that are translated into other aspects of their lives. We additionally provide summer camps, soccer camps and multi-sport camps for children.

At the more senior levels, though, our league provide a competitive yet highly enjoyable playing environment for teams to grow on and off the pitch. We provide impartial and fully qualified referees to take control of the action while teams are also invited to hire our playing fields for training sessions too.

This truly is youth soccer in the manner it’s meant to be played.

youth soccer sterling, va

World-Class Indoor Facilities Your Kid Will Love

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on offering a fair, safe, and fun playing environment for all players. However, there is no question that it helps to play on a great surface. Our three fields and large training area are of the highest standards, providing a flat and fast-playing surface to reduce injuries and increase the fun. Perfect.

Our indoor facilities are so popular that we appeal to kids in Sterling, VA, Ashburn, VA, Falls Church, Reston, Leesburg, VA, and many surrounding areas. Moreover, with excellent viewing and leisure areas on site too, it’s an enjoyable place for parents to watch and wait for their kids to finish.

Best of all, there’s no threat of cancellations due to inclement weather!

Soccer Programs For Teams And Individuals Alike

Our professionally run soccer leagues for children aren’t only guaranteed to offer the highest level of playing enjoyment. From little kids soccer up to U18 levels, we also offer exceptional value for money.

Teams can join a league for just $995, which covers everything from pitch hire to referee fees for an entire mini-season of 7 matches. Conversely, individual players can look for a team to join, which is also the perfect way to make new friends for as little as $80.

We believe that soccer should be accessible to all. With Michael & Son, it can be!

Book Your Place Today!

Whether you’re looking to introduce your child to toddler soccer, or you want to sign a team up for one of our competitive youth soccer leagues, give us a call at (703) 430-9966 to find out about places on our upcoming opportunities.