Michael & Son SportsPlex at Dulles

School Day Off Camp

Bring your child to the Dulles SportsPlex for a day or week of fun when kids have off from school. If your child enjoys sports or wants to try new sports, this is the camp for you. Your child will have fun, learning and playing sports that might include flag football, soccer, wiffleball, volleyball, basketball, kickball, team handball and others.

Our School Day off Camp’s include an art’s and craft theme depending on the day of the week.

Monday’s – Science
Tuesday – Pirates
Wednesday – Under the Sea
Thursday – At the Movies
Friday- Super Hero’s

We do not provide a lunch. A building pass is required on www.yoursportspass.com

Our Price for the 9-2pm half day camp is $60 and for the Full Day 8am – 6pm camp is $75

Half Day 9-2pm                          Full Day 8-6pm
September 2                                     September 2
September 26                                   September 26
October 5                                           October 5
October 10                                         October 10
October 24                                        October 24
October 31                                         October 31