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Mad Skillz Field Hockey
Mad Skillz Field Hockey Academy is offered for children ages 6 – 14. All children need to bring an outdoor stick, shin guards, and a mouth guard to each class. Memberships are required for all programs and can be created http://yoursportspass.com. No refunds are available for any youth programs.

Little Skillz – Ages 6-8. The basic purpose of this class is to expose young players to the basic rules and fundamentals of field hockey. This program will cover a range of skills including dribbling, push passing, receiving, basic pulled and defending. Players will not only improve their field hockey skills, but further develop communication skills and teamwork from relaxed scrimmaging.

Intermediate Skillz – This class reinforces the basics of field hockey while adding in new skills to improve your child’s game. With a continued focus on fundamentals your child will grow more confident and proficient in their abilities. New skills covered in this class include hitting, more advance eliminations, and channeling. Rules during scrimmaging will be enforced more, so each payer can learn how to properly apply their skills to the game.

Advanced Skillz – This class is meant for the rec level player seeking to develop the skills needed to be come more competitive. This class focused on improving the areas of shooting, defending, and passing. Particularly, your child will be introduced to skills including reverse sweeps, jabbing, more eliminations and 3D skills.

New Membership Waiver

We have converted to a membership only facility. Click the button below to sign up for you or your childs membership.