Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles
Youth Futsal League Rules

Futsal League Rules

1. Game Play- Games are played every 45 mins with a running clock.  Teams should be ready to play when entering the field!

a. Length of games shall consist of two (2) twenty (20) minute halves, running clock.

2. Game Rules – all league games shall be played in accordance with the current US Youth Futsal rules

a. The team winning the toss decides which way to run, ball is in play as soon as it is touched.

b. Hands are not permitted by field players, only the goalie while in the goalie box.

c. Goalie clearances must be thrown NOT kicked

d. The ball is in play at all times unless it goes over the barrier, hits the roof or the basketball hoop. The ball shall be put back in play by a “kick in” of the opposing team.

e. There will be NO penalty kicks

3. Timeouts- No time outs

4. Uniforms

a. All team players shall dress in the same color team shirt

b. Players will not be allowed to wear jewelry of any kind during games. Taping of earrings, etc. is not acceptable.

5. Roster Size

a. 10 Player Roster; 5 vs. 5 games (4 field players and 1 goalkeeper)

6. Grace Period

a. There shall be a 5-minute grace period for the first game of the day. A team must start the game at the scheduled starting time if the minimum number of players (4) is present. Staff has final decision regarding forfeited games.

7. Fouls

a. All fouls will result in a free indirect kick. All fouls are the same as outdoor soccer

8. Substitutions

a. Shall be unlimited and on the fly, but the player being replaced must be completely off the court before the replacement player enters the court.

9. Volunteers

a. Parents/Volunteers will be asked to assist in running the scoreboard for each game


Party Discounts

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