You Need a Mouth Guard During Sports Play – Here’s Five Reasons Why

You Need a Mouth Guard During Sports Play – Here’s Five Reasons Why

You Need a Mouth Guard During Sports Play – Here’s Five Reasons Why 695 881 Johanna Gelber

When you play most contact sports, there are various types of protective gear mandated in the rules. However, one part of our body is often left exposed to injury. If the sport doesn’t have a high degree of risk for teeth or mouth injuries, a mouth guard is often an afterthought.

However, there are good reasons to wear a mouth guard, even when the sport isn’t labeled a contact sport. Here are five good reasons you should consider wearing a mouth guard during sports play no matter what sport you’re playing.

Protect Your Teeth

Obviously, this is the number one reason to wear a mouthguard. Some may wonder how often a situation could arise where you’d need protection for these enamel hard parts of your body.

However, when playing sports, the most unusual game situation can damage your teeth. Certain sports are clearly more prone to mouth and tooth types of injuries. Ever since the first pitch was thrown, getting hit in the mouth by an errant bouncing baseball has taken a toll on players’ teeth.

Even if the sport is considered non-contact, falls and other objects can cause tooth and mouth injuries. An accidental backswing of a tennis racket could do permanent harm to your teeth.

Certainly, some sports are far more prone to mouth injuries than others. In these sports, wearing a mouthguard is usually a mandatory part of the rules. Wearing a mouth guard is helpful protection against mouth and tooth injuries in these sports, but in others as well.

Mouth Guards Protect More than Just Teeth

Wearing a mouth guard will protect more than just your pearly whites. A mouth guard will help prevent severe mouth injuries. The cushioned layer between your teeth and your gums can lessen the severity of any contact with your mouth.

Wearing a mouthguard when playing in a sports camp in Ashburn also helps to pad your lips. This can help to prevent them from getting busted from hard contact. Another thing that a mouth guard helps to protect is often misunderstood.

The soft cushion provided when wearing a mouth guard will also reduce the impact of blows to the jaw. A mouthguard can be the difference between a sore jaw and a broken one. Mouthguards are a smart idea when playing all sports because they can protect more than just teeth.

Prevent Teeth Grinding

Many people have a problem with grinding their teeth under normal circumstances. While in the heat of playing sports, the problem could be even worse. You also need to consider the intensity level of competition.

It might be easy to catch yourself grinding away in everyday situations. However, when you’re racing across the court or chasing down a ball, you will lose focus on a number of things. Wearing a mouth guard during sports will eliminate an unconscious tendency to grind your teeth.

The Cost of Repairs

The cost of repairing broken or lost teeth due to an injury will be vastly more expensive than a mouthguard. However, there are other costs beyond those that can be paid with money.

Without a quality mouth guard, some sports injuries can be so severe that the damage will be permanent. While it’s easy to understand how smart wearing a mouthguard is when considering the medical costs, there is no price that we can put on the damage that will last a lifetime.

The oddest things often happen at the oddest times in sports. Because of this, wearing a mouthguard when you play any sport is never a bad idea. Mouthguards protect your teeth as a priority. However, they also protect your mouth, gums, and jawbone.

As long as you don’t gnaw your mouthguard out of shape, they can also be a sense of calm in the heat of the game. The last important quality of mouthguards to remember is that they cost a lot less than dental repairs. Anyone of these five reasons is enough to warrant wearing a mouth guard during all sports play.