Adults Nerf Battle

There will be Nerf Battle fun starting the weekend of March 24th

Every Saturday and Sunday at times designated on our website for only $20 each player we will be running Nerf battle games like Capture the Flag, Team Tag Match, and Boss. Each player will have to purchase a digital ID and sign our waiver. The Digital ID comes with amazing perks. Ages 6-7 will use our age-appropriate Star Wars blasters or We will have ammunition and equipment available for purchase. Stats will be kept and prizes will be awarded!! Check out our parties and corporate events too!

Nerf Dart & Rival


  • Ages 6 - Adult

We will feature both Nerf dart and Nerf Rival games

We will have arenas designed with a headquarters and numerous places to hide and shoot (Bunkers). Playing area will be large. Ranging from 40 by 60 feet to 70 x 50 feet.

6 years- 13 years for Nerf dart only, After 13 years of age both Nerf dart and rival are permitted.

Each arena will have a nerf referee trained in the rules.

Your personal wins, losses, games played and winning percentage will be tracked. Top ten leaders in winning percentage and games played among qualified players receive prizes

Capture the Flag

Each team is given a colored flag which is placed on their side of the field. The goal is to defend their own flag while attempting to capture and steal the enemy’s flag. The first team to capture the other team’s flag 3 times will be declared the winner. When you are hit you must return to your headquarters and count 60 seconds before you come back in.

Team Tagmatch

This is a standard combat match where players must simply tag out the enemy team before they are taken down themselves. Each team has a certain amount of tags or deaths until they are out for good. The last team to have any remaining players wins the match. Each player gets two tags and is out when hit the third time.


An electronic target will be set up at both ends. Your team will defend your own target and try to hit your opposing team’s target. The team with most points at the end of regulation wins. Any player hit by a dart or ball will have to return to the home base and count for 60 seconds until they can return to play.


No. You must pre-register for your age group. See website times for details

Each participant must have a signed liability waiver completed prior to stepping into the arena.

We provide all the equipment you need which includes: blasters, ammo, and goggles. Please dress in appropriate athletic wear.

No. We provide all the appropriate blasters.

Absolutely! We require all participants to wear googles but the darts are harmless.

Yes! We offer amazing nerf parties—book in advance, check out our party details here.


  • Nerf Blasters provided by the Sportsplex
  • No punching, kicking, or physical aggression is allowed
  • No intentional face shots
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times
  • No Melee weapons are allowed like Nerf swords
  • All participants must have valid ID and waivers
  • Only Nerf guns can be used
  • You cannot throw your gun
  • You cannot throw your darts
  • You cannot go outside the battle zone. This will result in an automatic tag out against you.
  • All players must start at their main base until the whistle start
  • Play honestly -so if you are shot you must lay flat on your stomach until tagged by someone on your team
  • Hits to all parts of the body count. Clothing counts as part of the body.
  • After you are hit you must follow the specific rules of the game being played
  • Listen for the referee’s whistle before, during, and after the game. The whistle will be used for hits where a player does not either notice they are hit or they are not playing honestly. The referee’s decision is final and binding.
  • The referee can decide penalties for any player playing dishonestly or over aggressively. Everything from removal from the game, removal for the day, or permanent banning are all powers given to the referee. The referee may institute a penalty box and assign a timed penalty for infractions of the rules.
  • Any player that punches, kicks, pushes a player, unless it is clearly self-defense, will be banned permanently from the Sportsplex.
  • Consistent cheaters can be banned from the game and facility. So, play fair and don’t cheat.