Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles
Adult Inline Hockey League Rules

Michael & Son SportsPlex at Dulles

All players are required to know the Dulles SportsPlex rules. Players will not be exempt from the rules because they did not know house policies.

General Rules:

  • Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk. The property owner(s), league operators, officers and owners and staff of Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles assume no liability for any injuries or accidents, which may occur. Please refer to your Liability and Injury Waiver Release Forms.
  • Conduct within the facility and on the rink should be conducted in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
  • No food, drinks, chewing tobacco, chewing gum, metal cleats permitted on playing surface. No sunflower seeds or similar type products are permitted in the facility.
  • No glass containers on the rink or in the player boxes.
  • Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles reserves the right to refuse play or service to anyone.
  • Any fighting will result in suspension from the league and possibly a permanent ban from the facility.

Sign Up Guidelines and Fees:

  • Teams sign up on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Teams can sign up anytime before session start date. To guarantee your team spot, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required prior to league start date. Deposits will only be refunded if Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles does not have a league spot available for your team.
  • Full-payment is required by the start of your teams 3rd league game or your team may not be allowed to participate.
  • If full payment is made after the deadline, up to a 10% late fee will be charged on any outstanding balance due if management allows your team to play.
  • Teams that are currently registered in a league at the Sportsplex may receive discounts from time to time. Any team incurring a forfeiture during a previous session or have incurred late fees because of delinquent payments shall not be eligible for discounts.
  • No individual will be allowed to participate in any league games, practice session, tournament, clinic, open pick-up game, or other activities until a release form has been properly completed and signed.
  • Playing sports can be a hazardous activity and unfortunate things can happen. You are contractually agreeing that you have signed our liability release and that you are waiving your rights to file a lawsuit against us. You accept the conditions of the fields, courts, and other surfaces, and also any unforeseen situations that may occur. If you are uncomfortable with any of these conditions, you can choose not to play or participate in our leagues or other activities.
  • Individuals that sign up will be placed on a current team by the Adult League Manager. The manager will contact you once he has found you a team to play on.

Numbered Jerseys

All players are required to have a jersey with a number on the back. The referee has the right to not start the game until at least 4 players have numbered jerseys. Any player who does not have a numbered jersey will not be allowed to play, at the referees discretion.

In the event of a color conflict the home team must change jerseys.

Player Rosters:
Player rosters must be turned in prior to the first league game. Added players will be permitted prior to the 3rd game. Each team is allowed a maximum of 15 players on their roster.

  • Players may only be added after the 3rd game if a player is injured and removed from the roster for the remainder of the session. Management reserves the right to check the identifications of any player on a player roster to check and see if they are legal players under management guidelines.
  • The facility will offer the following divisional structure for adult teams:
    • Gold- Premier division for the most advanced players and teams. Some collegiate and professional players involved.
    • Silver- For players with several years of hockey experience but not necessarily at the collegiate level. No professional players allowed.
    • Bronze- For the recreational player and beginner. No professional or collegiate players allowed.
  • The Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles reserves the right to make the necessary changes within league divisions to ensure an equal level of ability and competition. This means that teams may be moved up or down a division in the interest of maintaining a fair level of competition throughout each league. Players on multiple rosters in the same division are only permitted to play on one team during the playoffs (this rule applies to Bronze league only). If their team is eliminated, they can not dress for any of their other teams in that same division for the remainder of the playoffs. This rule is eligible to be waived by the league manager and/or the captain of the opposing team under special circumstances. Players may participate in more than one division and league. Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles reserves the right to determine if a player is considered too advanced for a given division and remove the individual from the team roster. This is done in the spirit of maintaining parity in a given division.

Guest Players:

  • You will need to fill out a participation waiver and agree to the terms and conditions of Dulles SportsPlex before playing. This can be done online or at the front desk of the facility. If a player fails to complete this form, they will not be eligible to play. No guest players are allowed in the playoffs except goalies. If a guest goalie is used in the playoffs, your rostered goalie must be absent from the game.
  • Teams are allowed guest players during regular season games only. Guest players are not allowed in the playoffs.

The Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles and referees reserve the right to decline a guest player if they feel that player is too strong for the division.


All the below items are mandatory

  • Helmet with chinstrap
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Protective cup and supporter
  • Knee and shin guards
  • Inline skates with brake removed
  • No “grinders” or “speed” skates.
  • Stick
  • Jersey & Pants to cover all pads

All of the below items are optional and highly recommended

  • “Girdle”: Provides thigh, hip, and tailbone protection
  • Mouthpieces for adults: Provides shock protection in collisions
  • Visors or facemasks for adults: Provides additional facial protection
  • Inline pants: Made to withstand the grind of the game

Official Games:

  • A game is considered “official” after two completed periods of play. If there is an injury or other unforeseen circumstance, the current score will stand as official once two periods have been played.
  • A game consists of three 15 minute periods.
  • If a regular season game ends in a tie, then there will be a five minute 3V3 sudden death overtime. There will be no time-outs and the clock will not stop. If the game remains tied after overtime, then the game will go to a shootout. The shootout will be a best-of-three format. No shootouts in the playoffs.

The Rink:

  • The official rink size will be 185X84 feet
  • Play will be 5 VS 5 (4 skaters and 1 goalie)
  • Play will be dead when the puck hits any part of the retaining net
  • Placement of the face off will follow USA Inline guide lines (see USA Inline Rule Book)

Forfeits & Make-Up Games:

  • A team has 10 minutes from the start time to have at least 4 skaters and a goalie or 5 skaters and no goalie for a game to be officially played. After the 10 minutes has passed a game will be considered a forfeit
  • If games are cancelled due to weather related cancellations, Sportsplex will not make those games up. There are no refunds or credits.
  • If a team is unable to play a scheduled game, they will forfeit and the opposing team will win the game 3-0.
  • Follow these steps in the event you cannot make a game time.
    • Forfeits: Teams must call The Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles to inform us of the forfeit at least 2 hours prior to your game’s start time. Teams must also make a reasonable effort to contact the other team to let them know about the forfeit as well. The Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles is not responsible for teams that neglect this rule and fail to notify the opposing team that they are not going to make a scheduled game. If a team shows up to play and the opposing team does not show up, then the team present will win by forfeit. Furthermore, the team that fails to show up for the scheduled game, and fails to notify the sportsplex ahead of time, will be charged a $100 no call, no show, forfeit fee which will be passed onto the team that was present for the game as a credit towards future play, as long as the fee is collected.

    Forfeitures/Penalty Schedule:
    A team forfeiting a game during any one session will be subject to the following fines:

    A team will be allowed 2 forfeits in one season – as long as the sportsplex is notified of the forfeit based on the rules above. If a team forfeits a 3rd time in one season (regardless of whether the sportsplex is notified in advance) then they will be subject to a $50 fine. Any teams that forfeits 4 (or more) times in one season will be dissallowed from registering for the next season (can be waived by league manager).

    Fines for forfeitures must be paid prior to a team continuing the session schedule. Forfeiture will be incurred if a team has failed to field the minimum number of players (4 player minimum) within ten minutes from the start of the game clock. Teams incurring forfeitures during a session shall not be eligible for registration discount in the following session. Any team no show will result in a 3-0 victory for opposing team and no rescheduled game will be given.

    Weather Related Events:
    If games are cancelled due to weather related cancellations, Sportsplex will not make those games up. There are no refunds or credits. In the event of a weather related cancellation, all games that were missed shall not count toward the standings and they will be considered “non-games”.

    Individuals are expected to play under control and within the rules of the game, and to the best of their ability to avoid causing injury to themselves and other persons using the facility.

    Any Player who receives four penalties in one game will be automatically receive a game misconduct, and for:

    1. The first violation the player will be suspended from their teams next game.
    2. The second violation in one season the player will be suspended from their teams next three games, and subject to additional disciplinary action.
    3. The third violation in one season the player will be expelled for the remainder of the season and subject to additional disciplinary action.

    Fighting Penalty: An incident will be classified as a fight if a player does one of the following: drops his gloves, punches a player in the head area, or attempts to punch a player in the head area. The referees will determine if a player is charged with fighting.

    General Suspension Lengths:

    1. All suspension lengths are determined on a case by case basic after review by league manager and consultation with the referees. Anyone involved in a fight is automatically suspended for at least one game, and possibly multiple games depending on the severity of the incident.

Referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority on the field of play, and their decisions on points of fact connected with the game are final. Officiating will be monitored and assessed periodically and management will always try to provide quality officiating at the facility. Constructive comments regarding officiating are welcome and encouraged. Please submit any such comments in writing. Complaints regarding officials should be submitted in writing, contain points of fact, and have your name and the name of your team at the top. Teams may not discuss the officiating in a game immediately following their game. Teams may fill out a referee complaint form and turn it over to the commissioner of the league. The commissioner will take seriously all complaints written on a complaint form and turned in 24 hours after a game. The commissioner will not take seriously complaints directed at him immediately following a game, verbal or written. The commissioner will not overturn any calls made by the referee during the course of a game. If a team suspects an illegal player or other illegal activity associated with other team, they should inform the commissioner immediately. If this activity is discovered after the game is completed, the team should file a formal protest to the commissioner. Please read our rules below to understand how to file a formal protest. Do not discuss officiating or the officials with the facility staff during or immediately after your game.


    • The Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on fighting, physical and verbal abuse towards employees, referees, players and patrons. Crossing this boundary will most certainly lead to and indefinite suspension and possible banishment from the facility.

It is the responsibility of each player and the player’s team representative to be aware of the total status of their player’s infractions. Failure to comply may result in further disciplinary measures which may include suspension of the coach/rep. and forfeiture of games in which that player participated.

All penalties will follow USA INLINE Rule Book

Any Player ejected from a game will automatically serve a one week suspension pending review by the commissioner.

Protesting a Game:
Intention to file a protest must be noted in writing immediately following the game. A formal written protest with a $20 fee (refundable if upheld), must be submitted to Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles within 48 hours after the end of a game. The league commissioner will review and have the final authority on all protests. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE COMMITTEE ARE FINAL. Only violations of the laws of the game, rules or guidelines of the facility as published are matters for protest. Any protests regarding fielding of illegal players must be brought to the attention of the game officials prior to the suspected player(s) leaving the field of play.

Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 2 points for a OT win, 1 point for OT loss, and 0 points for a loss. Tie breakers shall be determined in the following order:

      1. The team with the most points
      2. The team that forfeited the least amount
      3. The winner of any head to head league play
      4. Higher Goal Differential
      5. Least Goals Allowed
      6. Most Goals Scored

If teams are still tied after the above tiebreakers have been calculated, the Sportsplex will award co-champions.

FIRS Rules:
The Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles will follow FIRS rules for all situations not otherwise covered in the above rules.
FIRS Rulebook

Contact Information:
Please contact Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles at info@dullessportsplex.com or (703) 430-9966

Referee Complaints: All referee complaint forms need to be sent via e-mail. Included in the e-mail must be the date & time of the game, field number and the names of the two teams involved in the game. We take referee complaints very seriously. info@dullessportsplex.com">Click Here to send a complaint.

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