Michael & Son SportsPlex at Dulles
Flag Football

7 v 7  Adult Flag Football

February 9, 2021
Mondays 7-10pm

$300 per Team or $50 per Individual



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Adult Flag Football Rules

  • 15 player max roster
  • Formal roster is required prior to the first game
  • Individuals will be placed on a team that needs players
    • if we have enough individuals register we will work to get a full team
  • 2 Twenty minute halves, running clock
  • 2 minute half time – Team not starting with ball in first half, gets ball to start
  • Each team has 2 time outs per game of 30 seconds each (time out resets play clock)
  • 20 second play clock
  • 15 second P.A.T. play clock
  • Team must have a minimum of four rostered players at the start of the game. Less than four constitutes a forfeit regardless of any game continuing.
  • Clock stops at 2 minutes if the score is within 12 points at each incomplete pass, penalties, and change of possession.
  • At 5 minutes left in the game, if the point spread is 24pts or more, no more time-outs from either team will be permitted
  • Team has 4 plays to cross mid field for first down and then 4 plays to score
  • On fourth down offense has 2 options:
  • Go for first down (if in their defensive zone). If offense doesn’t make first down whether through incompletion or inadequate yardage, defense takes over where ball carrier is down or original line of scrimmage if incompletion.
  • Offense can opt to punt and the ball will be spotted at opposite 3-yard line with opposing team taking possession there.
  • If the ball is intercepted, offense is spotted at end of return and offense is started.
  • Ball is dead on contact with net or wall.
  • Play is dead when ball carrier’s knees make contact with the ground.
  • Coin toss determines who begins with ball at beginning of game, other team starts second half.
  • The offensive team must have a minimum of two players set on the line of scrimmage at the snap.
  • One additional player may be in motion, but they do not count as a player on the line.
  • Defense must have two down linemen who line up inside the outside shoulders of the offensive linemen.
  • 6 points for a Touchdown
  • 2 points for safety
  • 2 points for conversion after touchdown, ball is spotted on 10 yard line.
  • 1 point for conversion after touchdown, ball is spotted on 5 yard line.
  • Player is tackled when one flag is pulled. Exception: In order to achieve a first down or touchdown, the ball carrier’s flags and the ball must cross the plane of the first down line or the goal line.
  • After pulling a flag, defender must raise the flag above his head.
  • Defender must hand flag back to ball carrier.
  • If flag falls out before player has possession of ball they will be down with one hand touch
  • If flag falls out after player has possession of ball they are down at spot of flag, unless in the opinion of the referee the player is in the clear of all players.
  • Receivers may hand check off the line within the first five yards, but only with the player they line up against.
  • Interceptions may be returned.
  • A defensive player shall not hold, grasp or obstruct the forward progress of the runner when attempting to remove the flag. Defender will avoid contact of the player when attempting to pull flag. Defenders should be reaching from the side or behind the ball carrier to grab the flag. Charging at or jumping in front of the ball carrier is prohibited. Intentionally grabbing the ball carrier’s clothing will result in a penalty added onto the end of the play.
  • Any player pursuing a running or throwing quarterback may only pull flags. No contact, incidental or otherwise is allowed. Defense may only leave their feet to block a pass, but if they make contact with the quarterback before, during or after the ball is released, (whether ball is tipped or not) it will result in a major penalty.
  • Offsides- 5 yards or half the distance replay down
  • Offensive pass interference- 10 yards from original spot or half the distance replay down
  • Defensive Pass interference – Ball moves to spot of foul automatic first down
  • Delay of game – 5 yards or half the distance
  • Unnecessary roughness –
    • Defense: 15 yards automatic first down
    • Offense: 15 yards loss of down
  • Offset penalties – replay down
  • Flag guarding
    • Offense: 5 yards from spot of the foul and the play will be whistled dead.
    • Defense after interception: 5 yards from spot of foul begin offense
  • Acts of tackling, cheap shots, elbowing or an unsportsmanlike act will not be tolerated. Player may be ejected from the game and may result in unsportsmanlike penalty.
  • Obstruction of a player’s forward progress is a 10 yd. penalty from the spot of the foul. Automatic first down.
  • Any player instigating or encouraging a fight, taunting or throwing a punch will be immediately removed from the game.
  • Trash talking is illegal and may result in unsportsmanlike penalty. Any one verbally abusing a player, spectator, referee or employee of the Dulles Sportsplex will be immediately removed from the game.
  • Personal fouls/unsportsmanlike penalties will result in an automatic first down and 15 yards from the end of the play. Player assessed the foul will be removed from the game for the remainder of the half, or longer.
  • All teams must have matching shirts with contrasting numbers on back of at least 6” in height
  • Teams will use Sonic Tag-a-Flags. (Available at the Dulles Sportsplex for a fee of your can bring your own)
  • Ball will be provided by each team, each team uses their ball for one half.

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If games are cancelled due to weather related cancellations, Sportsplex will not make those games up. There are no refunds or credits.