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6 Animal Name Ideas for Your Next Sports Team

6 Animal Name Ideas for Your Next Sports Team

6 Animal Name Ideas for Your Next Sports Team 1024 683 Johanna Gelber

Sports are supposed to be fun and educational. They teach us valuable life lessons ranging from comradery to facing adversity. When naming your sports team, make sure to give it a personal touch. Choose a persona that represents your players and their competitive style. Are they fast? Cheetahs! Are they strong? Gorillas! Here are six team names that may just work for your next squad:

  1. Cheetahs [soccer] – Cheetahs are the fastest land mammals on earth. If your team is known for non-stop sprinting, this big cat may be your group’s spirit animal.
  2. Gorillas [Nerf battles] – Gorillas are intelligent primates that can live over 30 years in the wild. Known for the strength and smarts, these massive mammals make the perfect team name for Nerf battles and other sports where you must be mentally and physically tough to succeed.
  3. Wolfpack [baseball] – Wolves are ferocious creatures that hunt in groups but still hold their own when alone. This team name is great for team sports that rely on players doing one thing at a time to help get the job done.
  4. Owls [volleyball] – Although owls can turn their head 360 degrees, they are more known for the sense of hearing than their vision. These nocturnal birds of prey are active hunters and gracefully consume their victims. They may be cute at first glance, but don’t mess with them if you are an insect, bird, or small mammal (or opposing team!)
  5. Kangaroos [basketball] – Kangaroos can jump over twice their height, which comes in handy if you’re playing a friendly game of hoops. Kangaroos cannot walk backward (which hopefully you can if you play basketball,) but they can hop forward on two legs a lot quicker than you expect. When you see the Kangaroos driving to the basket, get out of the way!
  6. Hyenas [field hockey/softball] – Hyenas are speedy, relentless hunters and scavengers. Judging by their constant laughter, they also enjoy having a good time. Did you know that female hyena are bigger and more dominant than males?

Before you worry about picking a name, you’ll have to choose which sport is right for you. Sportsplex Dulles offers amazing programs for most of the above-listed games. If you have any questions, please call us at 703-430-9966, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.